Language Barriers

Ok, I get that foreigners who have moved here in hopes of finding a job and making a living are putting forth some kind of effort to learn English. It’s the most commonly spoken language here in the US… but not the official language? Figure that one out.

What I don’t understand, is when people make strange comments that they think are funny, but aren’t at all. Some might even be mildly offensive.

I take things they say with a grain of salt, because they probably don’t really quite get what they are saying.

Case in point: I went to the Japanese place in the mall for lunch, their chicken teriyaki makes me happy. I used to get it with double meat, which is A LOT of meat. I’ve cut back, because I can barely finish double meat these days. Anyways, this woman (of some type of Asian descent, working there) started questioning me as to why I got a bottled water instead if a large soda, and a non-double meat order, though her Engish was so bad I don even think subtitles would have helped.

I really don’t care what she was saying to me in the end, I just wanted my teriyaki goodness so I could get on m way.

Too bad “Go fuck yourself” is more easy to understand, I can’t even swear at her in my own native tongue.

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