Thanks for lookin' out!

Just wanted to send out a quick thanks to all of those who helped me out when I got hacked. I am really glad to know you guys were looking out for me. I definitely appreciate it. Texts were coming in, Facebook chats, E-Mails, I am really glad most of you knew it wasn’t me. 


I’d gotten a few replies to the message from people saying they’ll check it out, or they’ll pass it along to their friends and relatives; if you are reading this, please delete that message as it will probably do more harm than good!!

I spent most of the rest of my day changing passwords and trying to further lock down my blog, and one thing I’m going to try to get in the habit of doing is posting via the wordpress app, and not via email, since that stupid message actually made it onto my blog twice in a row today for a period of about 20 minutes until I took them down.

I wouldn’t want people to get the wrong idea, I consider myself to be a fairly eloquent writer. Could you really envision me writing a message like that? Whoever wrote it obviously didn’t finish English class with any kind of passing grade, or used such a weak translator program a lab monkey could have coded something more useful.

At any rate, I need sleep, but I wanted to thank you all once again for your help today, and I wish you a much better tomorow.

The Real JB

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