I had a great day today

So I’m writing from under the covers of my bed, using my iPhone, so please pardon any spelling “oopsies” if I don’t catch them. I had a great day today, namely in that it was quite productive but also fairly laid-back.

I started out going to Men’s Wearhouse to get some new clothes for a few important events coming up. The commercial for that place is spot-on; the guy tells you that you’re going to like how you look, and he guarantees it. The selection there was great, the sales guy Gerard was awesome, and I was very happy with what I got. When I put it all on, I’m sure I’m going to like how I look. I’ll write more about my clothes after I have some photos to show you all. (All three of you, that is. Hehe j/k)

After clothing-shopping, I came home and spent a good few hours organizing my personal finances. I’ve never felt more in-tune with my cash flow and I’m quite pleased with myself. I’m trying to improve my money habits, and today was a great leap forward in my endeavors. I managed to consolidate everything I pay each month to come from the same place, and even saved a bit by trimming away things I don’t have a need for. Also I’m now using my calendar on my phone to track my automatic payments, which is going to help me keep better tabs on where my cash goes off to. I love technology, because I also completed a deposit to my checking account using my iPhone and it’s built-in camera. Reason #37 why I am a huge fan of Chase bank now. Now if only there were more branches of Chase bank in Massachusetts…

After my banking, my pal Steve showed up for a quick photo shoot of his car which is up for sale. Mother Nature opened the flood gates mid-shoot, but we managed to get some good stuff in before the storm. Anyone looking for a used car? Let me know, I’ll send you in Steve’s direction. I wonder if I can get a finder’s fee… Hmmmmm…. 

Ended the day with a few nice phone calls, and some new photo shoots and potential band gigs on the calendar. Looking forward to what the future brings.

By the way, those visiting from across the globe, say hi! Introduce yourself. I don’t bite, I promise. 

Bye for now!


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