Product Spotlight: June 2017

It's June: The weather's getting hotter, and we're spending more time outside. Staying hydrated is very important. However, it's annoying when our beverages get warm fairly quickly, and who wants to drink a nice glass of warm water to keep cool? That just doesn't make sense. 

Someone showed me a line of cups that are double-walled, that keep cool drinks cool and warm drinks warm for far longer than a regular cup or plastic bottle. I encountered one for myself on such a warm day, while over at a friend's place working on my Jeep. 

She grabbed one such cup, filled it with ice, and poured in some room temperature bottled water. We took the stuff outside, and continued working. For over an hour, the ice was still 100% intact, and my drink remained ICE COLD! I couldn't believe it. 

I bought a few of these both for home and for work, and I've had a number of days where I'd gone home and come back in the next day to find ice still remaining within my cup at work. These things are great, especially since I like drinking my water like it had just rolled off the side of a glacier. 

Where can you find such things? Well, I'm glad you asked. Click below! 

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