Product Spotlight: July 2017

It's July... Summer's in full swing, and most likely you're enjoying some fun filled days outside under the sun. Don't forget your sunscreen, of course. Gotta protect that skin. 

But we're not here to talk about sunscreen... I wanted to talk about something you can play with and have fun with while out in the sun with your family and friends... a drone!

This isn't just any drone, but the DJI Mavic Pro. It's extremely easy to fly (if I can do it, you can too!), and takes incredible video and still images.

I realize this is not an inexpensive toy;  but it can either be an investment in a new hobby, or a stepping stone into an eventual career path. There are a lot of options for an experienced drone pilot in the realm of real estate photography, event photography, or even filmmaking. There are a lot of drones on the market that are definitely cheaper; they feel and perform as such. This is not a toy, and you'll come to that realization once you get your hands on one and fly it for yourself. 


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