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 was checking something out on my website and realized *gasp*, I haven’t written a post in awhile. To my loyal 3 readers (maybe it’s more now, I don’t know) I’m not quite being fair, and I apologize. Lots has happened, so let me sum up as succinctly as possible:

Cleveland Trip: – I just got back from seeing my friend Ricky get married – huge congratulations to you and Amanda, all the best for a happy future!! I had the pleasure of meeting his wonderful family, and even tried my hand at some wedding photography which I actually quite enjoyed! I won’t go into detail, but their wedding photographer looked like she could use some help, so I stepped in at the request of a few individuals. I’d never done that type of shooting before, but it really was fun! I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’d do this professionally, but I digress. I’m glad I was there to see him tie the knot, and I’m looking forward to visiting him again soon.

Camera Conundrum – Great news! I just sold my 50D on eBay, and purchased myself a new 7D! I couldn’t reach my friend who gave it a bad review to talk to him, so I figured I’d look elsewhere and couldn’t corroborate anything he’d said about soft focusing issues. In fact, I’ve never seen my lenses perform as well as they do when attached to the 7D. It’s an amazing camera. It feels terrific, and shoots blazingly fast and it shoots fantastic video. I’m working on a video to post in the next few days which I’ll be sure to share with the few of you who read this. 


Work – is going great. Been a software trainer for about a month now, and I absolutely love it. I’m really enjoying working with folks individually, and getting to know them on better terms. Definitely a move in the right direction, and one that I am feeling a lot better about now.

So, I’ve got to head to work soon but wanted to just write a quick update on how things are going. I am actually heading to California next week for training regarding my new position, so I’ll be posting often from the west coast on here so please, stay tuned! I promise, more content will be coming!! Until then, have a great day!!


August 14:

Okay, so those who’ve read my blog know I’m trying to figure out which camera I want as my second body; a 7D or T2i. I’ve been doing some research, and it turns out I was wrong on my previous post. The 7D DOES have an external microphone input…so it’s starting to look better to me. I was also starting to check prices and it looks like I can get this body with the lens I want in a package, with that lens being nicely discounted.

This decision, while difficult, is starting to get easier. The T2i seems like it would be a great choice, fiscally, but I just don’t think I’d be happy with it. The size and construction would still bother me even though I knew I was saving money. Call me crazy… I know.


Aug 12

love my Canon 50D. It’s a terrific camera, that’s treated me fantastically and outperformed my previous Rebel XSi in every aspect. But there’s one thing that itdoesn’t do that I really wish it did, and that’s shoot video. I never thought I’d actually be in the position to record high-definition video, but I’m finding myself with a few opportunities coming up and I think I’d like to get into it now, so I can further my options for the future.

I’ve been shooting with one camera body ever since I started getting back into photography, and switching lenses whenever I needed to. It’s not a big deal, but it’d be real nice to have a 2nd camera to be able to swap back and forth with. For instance, I’d love to have a fisheye available and also be shooting with my 17-50mm, or maybe shooting with my 50mm f/1.4 and my 70-200mm L lens available simultaneously. Now… is it a “requirement”? No, but it’d sure be nice.

So, I can go two ways with this. I can look at the Canon 7D, or the Rebel T2i. Each camera has some truly great points to it, but both have one really big glaring negative that sticks out at me.

I’ve lusted after the 7D as soon as I saw it, but a photographer friend of mine whose work and opinion I respect very highly just dumped his for a 5D because of soft focusing issues. I don’t think I’d heard anyone speak about a camera as badly as he did. Granted, I can’t afford a 5D, but if I could this wouldn’t be an issue. I’d keep the 50D as the backup and use the 5D, easy breezy. The 7D would be a great feeling camera as well, since the whole reason I dumped my Rebel was that it was too small for me to comfortably shoot with being that I have large hands. I also didn’t like the plastic body, both of which would be problematic since the T2i is both small and plastic.

Small and plastic, while a problem for the ergonomics, do appeal to my wallet, quite significantly in fact. There’s quite a price difference between the 7D and the T2i, which is really making me question whether it’s worth it to go in favor of ergonomics in this case. I’m thinking that if I decide to buy another camera body I wouldn’t want to spend this much on something I would be using as a “backup” or “2nd body”, I’d rather use that as my primary. This makes me wonder if the 7D is worth the cost of admission.

Apparently the T2i has an external microphone input, for audio captured while recording video, but evidently the 7D does not. This means that any video I record with the 7D would be stuck withe onboard mic’s sound and that’s it. If anyone has info to the contrary, please let me know by all means. This may not be as big a deal, but it might be something that would bug me if I went with the 7D and wished I hadn’t.

Okay, so to sum up, the 7D is expensive and I’d be stuck with the onboard mic for audio on the video stuff. But, it would be more ergonomically friendly, and thus I’d be more comfortable using it. The Rebel T2i is a cheaper camera, it’s plastic, smaller in my hands, and offers full 1080p video recording whereas the 7D limits me to 720p if I want to shoot at 30fps.

OR…I could sell my 50D and use that plus the cash I am getting and buy a 5DmkII…which I’d forfeit my Fisheye and my 17-50mm lens since they only work on crop sensor cameras…

I’m stuck here, really. I just don’t know what to do. Help!!!

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