Finally legal again!

So a few days ago I’d posted a facebook status regarding my being legal regarding operation of my car. I had a few people ask me about it, and thought I’d clarify.

So my mom got her iPhone 4 on Friday, and after getting her plan all set up I wanted to go upstairs to AT&T and confirm a few things on the account since she’d joined my existing plan, to make us a family plan, etc. Once there, the AT&T rep checked my ID and said “Did you know your license was expired?” I didn’t believe him at first, but I checked and sure enough, it had expired… almost one month ago!.

(Insert mental shriek here.)

I couldn’t believe it, I had been driving with an expired license for almost a month. If I’d been pulled over on the highway, I’d be in serious trouble! So, needless to say the drive home that day was quite scary. I don’t think I’ve driven the speed limit on every road since I was in driving school.

Here in NJ, we have this crazy “6 point ID verification system” which basically requires enough proof to verify someone’s identity with various papers. I’m somewhat disorganized, so that was a source of some angst for me worrying that I wouldn’t be able to come up with sufficient points. Luckily, I had (at least I thought I did, as we’ll see soon.).

I woke up nice and early, and got to the Motor Vehicle office around 7:15am, and waited until 8am when they opened. They had short hours since it was Saturday (only 8-12), so I was expecting a long line. There was, just before 8, but I was first in line so it didn’t matter.

According to the rep, the bank statement I’d brought was expired, and she asked if I had my insurance card for my car. I figured, “Sure, I’ve got that.” Went out, checked, and evidently…that had expired too!. So, I walked back in sheepishly with the expired documents, hoping thatsomewhere she might find some generosity to let me through; and she did. She told me to check my documents next time to make sure things weren’t expired, and sent me to the line for the renewal.

Luckily, I’ve got my new license and a better photo to boot, and went home to print out more recent insurance documents. Luckily my car’s insurance isn’t up for awhile.

Phew! – Certainly learned my lesson there.

Keep my documentation up to date, because “you never know.”

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