Music is fuel for the soul

Have you ever heard a specific song that just makes you think of someone? Whenever that song comes on, you find yourself envisioning a perfect setting with that special someone. Holding them in your arms, having everything be for lack of a better word…perfect.

Is there someone in your life whose smile can turn your worst day into your best? When you look into their eyes, you find yourself at peace; when they walk into a room, no matter what for, you feel a sense of comfort and warmth; when they touch you on the shoulder you feel like you are wrapped in a warm blanket, and nothing can harm you or cause you pain… I hope everyone can find someone like this to have in their life. I hope that even if you don’t, that a song can bring you to that place, if only temporarily, while you wait to meet your soul mate. I’m still waiting, and I’m not
giving up hope.

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