My Book and FaceSpace

For some reason, I decided to go over to my MySpace page to see what that looked like since I hadn’t seen it in a good while. Turns out they actually have changed their site quite a bit, and now their new logo is “My _______”, so quite literally My and then a space. Cute.

Then I wondered, does anyone actually use that anymore? Facebook has become a household name, is Myspace still any good for anything? I know a few friends of mine who are musicians (my band included) have a MySpace page; is it better for musicians? I barely use that service anyway, so I have no idea if it’s even worth it anymore to keep a profile there.

It seems like Facebook is taking over just on sheer volume of people alone, but it still begs the question: Is anyone still using Myspace at all? I know Facebook has significant integration opportunities all over the net; Like buttons all over the place, plus apps on the iPhone/iPad as well, but there aren’t any MySpace integrations!

So what do you think? Comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you have a MySpace? Do you update it/use it?

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