Two Toddlers in a Sandbox

First, it was HGTV and Food Network, now ABC. When it comes to pissing off big companies, Cablevision appears to be the leader in that category. As you can see from my previous post, entitled “This is pathetic”, Cablevision customers have now lost the ability to watch one of the largest major networks in the country. Why? Because someone is throwing a temper tantrum. Except instead of screaming and crying for mommy, it’s blatant arguments on respective websites. I’ve never seen anything more juvenile and petty. It really is quite pathetic.

ABC apparently rushed out and bought and created a blog site about it. It might be beneficial for someone to buy all of the other “saveXYZ” domains and replace the letters with other major networks who may be next on the list.,, etc. Who knows?

ABC7 is making Cablevision out to be nothing more than a schoolyard bully on their website. There’s a huge banner on the top that says “Cablevision betrays their customers again! First HGTV and Food Network, now ABC7! You have choices. Switch now.” in the hopes that customers will completely change television providers because of this. One thing I don’t think ABC realizes, is that Cablevision didn’t have anything to do with the HGTV & Food Network debacle, that was all thanks to a third-wheel company called Scripps, the parent company who runs those networks. ABC is also claiming that Cablevision was pocketing money that they were supposedly paid for ABC programming which was apparently free. Really now.

Conversely, over on, there are messages blaming ABC for wanting more money. Stating that ABC wants an additional $40 million dollars for the same programming they’ve been providing.

Who is in the wrong? Who is in the right? Moreover, how the hell are we supposed to know who to believe? We, as the customers, should not be forced into this ridiculous position! We’ve got Cablevision pleading their case, ABC pleading their case, but no clear indication of facts. It’s all “Well, he said this, and she said that…”

What would parents do in this situation, if two toddlers were playing in the sandbox and wound up in tears? Separate the two, let them cool down? That’s not a bad idea, but the sandbox would still be there during this whole process. So, what’s the reason for us losing this channel? We’re dealing with two companies who want to act like babies, and there’s nobody around to knock some sense into them.

If it were up to me, I’d switch cable providers in a heartbeat. I’m not all that impressed with their “Optimum Online” internet, we have the boost package which is supposed to increase speed but hardly does so. The service is spotty at best, we get pixelation during off-peak hours watching TV, and oh yeah…they piss off big networks which drop them. So regardless of whose fault it may be for this particular instance, Cablevision is bad news regardless.

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